DXM Decals 11-7104: KLu 311 Sq F-16AM




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Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/72 F-16 kit

Here is another excellent special scheme sheet from DXM Decals. This one is for the 60th Anniversary of the Dutch Air Force's 311 Sq. In line with other Dutch special schemes, this one has a black canopy surround as well as a black and blue fin. The lower section of the fin is black with the rest being bright blue.

DXM includes not only the special markings, but also a full stencil suite. There is a second set of eagle fin markings and I have to assume it is so you can layer them so the white is not affected by the underside color, as both sets look just fine to me. The decals are superbly printed and glossy. The instructions are in full color and provide a four view of the camouflage and markings placement. Paint information is provided in Gunze, Humbrol and FS 595 references. It seems the Dutch are still using the three color grey scheme so keep that in mind. There are kits out there for the long fin version of the F-16. As this is a 1/72 kit, perhaps the Revell AG kit would be the one to choose. As with the previous commemorative F-16 sheet, there is a small color plate included.

February 2012

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