DXM Decals 11-4109: KLu F-16AM - 2010 Tiger Meet




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Scott Van Aken


For any appropriate 1/48 kit

Every year in Europe there is a military event that is called the Tiger Meet. This provides an opportunity to show off aircraft abilities and also to show off some rather neat special paint schemes. It is turned into pretty much a media circus when its original intent was to provide units the opportunity to do some friendly competition. The only requirement for a unit to be able to attend is that the unit emblem contain a Tiger (hence the Tiger Meet appellation).

The Dutch have always been good at painting up aircraft for special reasons and many think that it is their efforts that have encouraged others to emulate them.

This aircraft is from the 2010 event and is basically a standard F-16AM with a nicely done fin art. Though no kit is recommended, most will gravitate towards the Tamiya or Hasegawa version with the appropriate bits and pieces to do the AM variant.

The sheet itself is superbly printed and contains not only the special markings, but also all the various data markings and insignia that will be required to complete the kit. Apparently the Dutch still use the original three greys camouflage scheme so one simply paints the kit as per the norm and then applies the decals. The canopy surround also needs to be painted black.

A full color painting and markings guide is provided that includes paint references for Gunze and Humbrol as well as FS 595 colors. Also included is a small tag to use on the display base.

An excellent choice for those of you wanting something a bit different.


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