DXM Decals DXMD 48005: JASDF F-2A: Special Schemes




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Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/48 F-2A kit

More special schemes from DXM Decals. This one is for the JASDF's F-2A/B and covers seven aircraft. Some of these are from the 2010 Tactical meet and others are anniversary schemes. The sheet contains sufficient markings for do one aircraft, complete with stencils. Of course, you can use kit decals for the common bits if you wish to model more than one airplane. As a bonus, the kit comes with one of DXM's metal pitots for the nose, a nice touch.

There are four squadrons covered on this sheet.

The first two with the face on the fin are from 3 Squadron and are planes that participated in the TAC meet in 2010.

Next, is a more subdued aircraft with a band through the insignia from 6 Squadron.

An even more subdued plane is from 8 Squadron. Like the previous aircraft, it was a TAC meet participant.

The first anniversary scheme is from an 8 Squadron plane, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the unit in 2010.

Next, the lone two seat F-2B with 21 Squadron markings for the 50th Anniversary of Matsushima air base in 2004.

Finally, a 3 Squadron plane with markings for the winning unit at the 2010 TAC meet.

All of these planes are in the two rather dark blues that these maritime strike units are carrying. The full color instructions provide Gunze, Humbrol and FS595 paint references. I have to admit that the colors are so dark that I had trouble identifying what went where. However, the kit instructions should help in this regard. The only kit of which I am aware is by Hasegawa and can be somewhat difficult to locate as the F-2 is not all that well known outside of the Far East.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and you will be very pleased with the quality.

March 2012

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