DXM Decals DXMD48004: JASDF F-15DJ Aggressor




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Scott Van Aken


For any 1/48 F-15DJ Eagle kit

Aggressor schemes are popular with both modelers and airplane enthusiasts alike. The JASDF operates F-15s in this role to provide training in air to air combat and so there are always aircraft pulled from the standard Eagle squadrons that are painted in some very colorful markings.

This new sheet from DXM covers two of the two seat F-15DJs that were painted up for 2010. You will find that they have basically provided the sheet from DXMD48001 with a new addendum sheet covering the serial numbers of the two planes on this sheet. Both of these planes are in the standard camouflage scheme with the new camouflage simply painted over the top. In the case of the plane in greens, much of the underlying scheme is still quite visible.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and rather glossy. The full color instruction sheet shows four views of each aircraft so that you can be sure to get all the colors in the right place. Paint information is in Mr. Color, Humbrol and FS 595 so you are sure to find something locally that will work.

A great sheet that will produce some great looking models when you are finished.

An excellent choice for those of you wanting something a bit different.

March 2012

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