DXM Decals DXMD48002: JASDF F-15J Eagle




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Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/48 F-15 kit

Here is another excellent special scheme sheet from DXM Decals. This one is for a pair of F-15Js that participated in the 2010 Air Combat Meet in Japan. These are standard painted F-15Js (not the Mod Eagle scheme). The sheet contains sufficient markings for do one complete aircraft. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of stencils so a separate sheet is provided for that. These decals are covered with a thin plastic wrap to help protect them (similar to some companys using wax paper).

The markings are for planes from two units. The first one is 304 Squadron with its large tail design. This design is only on the left outer fin.

The second is a 303 Squadron plane. This one has Kanji markings on the outside of both fins in addition to the unit badge.

Instructions are nicely done and in full color. A chart is provided for paints from Gunze and Humbrol. The chart does not have a guide as to which color is which. Same for the art work. You pretty much have to know what part of the aircraft is painted what color and you can, of course, get that from the kit. I notice that the Japanese have painted much of the aft section that is or was unpainted metal on US Eagles. A note in that you really need an F-15J kit to accurately portray this aircraft. US F-15s have one of the fin tip weights larger than the other. This is not the case on Japanese planes as they did not buy the RWR suite fitted on US planes.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and you will be very pleased with the quality.

March 2012

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