DXM Decals DXM 81-4231: JASDF F-15J Eagle - 304 TFS 40th Anniversary





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Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/48 F-18E/F

The JASDF produces some superb special schemes for its aircraft and this is especially true of its F-15Js. There is a large upper wing surface that has been used for a variety of very nice art work.

DXM Decals has provided quite a few of these over the years and this is the most recent. It is a 304 TFS aircraft celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the squadron.

Due to the size of the wing markings, you are provided with two large sheets. Fortunately for F-15 modelers, this scheme covers over quite a few of the tons of small stencil decals that usually festoon the Eagle. Not to say there are none as not the whole airframe is covered, but it does make decaling this rather large model somewhat easier.

For kits you have several to choose from including Academy and Hasegawa and even the older Monogram kit could be used though you do need to pay attention to the fin tip balances as they are both the small size on JASDF Eagles.

Well worth locating for your next F-15 project.

The sheet comes with full color instructions and the decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.   There are sufficient stencils and insignia for one aircraft.

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