DXM Decals 81-4134: F-4EJ Kai - JASDF 8 Squadron




8 Squadron JASDF

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Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/48 F-4EJ Kai


One of the more unusual camouflage schemes carried by the F-4 is the Japanese SEA scheme. This consists of two shades of blue or blue-grey that was developed for aircraft operating mostly over water. Since 8 squadron's mission is anti-shipping, this scheme is quite appropriate. 8 Squadron started with the F-86F Sabre and when the F.1 attack aircraft was developed, switched over. It flew the F.1 for the full life span of the type and when that was retired it moved to the F-4EJ Kai, which was available due to ex-Phantom squadrons moving on to other types. In 8 Squadron, the F-4 was replaced by the F-2.

One thing about Japanese Phantoms is that they are covered in stencils. As such, you could probably consider this as much a stencil sheet with insignia and codes as anything else. The sheet provides options for four aircraft, though one of the planes is somewhat duplicated.

The first option is for 57-8534 as the winner of the 2003 ACM contest at Misawa AB. This is shown by the special markings on the intake splitter plate.

This same plane is the second option when at Iruma AB in 2006. It has several intercept markings on the intake.

Next is 57-8362 from Misawa AB in 2006, also with intercept markings on the intake.

Finally we have 27-8306 when based at Misawa in 2002.

The sheet provides sufficient stencils for one aircraft. There are also two styles of insignia, one with a blue surround to match the background shade. An extensive stencil placement guide is provided.

In all, it is an excellent sheet for the Phantom fan. It is also available in 1/72 scale. The sheet comes with full color instructions and the decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.  

May 2019

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