DXM Decals DXM 71-4229: 1/48 JASDF F-2A Viper (3 TFS 60 Years)




3  Squadron

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Based in Misawa Japan, the 3rd TFS is tasked with maritime missions, particularly anti-ship operations. This unit is currently flying the Mitsubishi F-2A and aircraft developed with the help of Lockheed/Martin and so resembling the F-16, though with larger overall dimensions. Formed in 1956 with the F-86F Sabre, the 3rd has also flown the F-1 and now the F-2. As the oldest active unit in the JASDF, it has celebrated its 60th year and so we have this great special scheme.

DXM is well known for doing special scheme Japanese aircraft. This is one of the more complex with not only an anniversary scheme, but also digital camouflage. Digital camouflage schemes have been tried in other nations' services, but found to be difficult to maintain and so far have only been used on aircraft in limited numbers.

The two full size sheets provide all of the digital camouflage pieces, one only having to paint the aircraft in base colors prior to application. These planes use a shallow and deep ocean blue scheme that is somewhat unique to the JASDF and JMSDF. However, Gunze does do a paint set and is well worth obtaining if you want to do these planes.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and DXM provides a full color placement guide. There are a ton of stencils and so the markings application guide provides a sequence for applying these markings. I may have missed the recommended kit, but the one most likely to be used is the Hasegawa version in 1/48 (if indeed anyone else produces this kit). The end result will be a superb model and one that is sure to turn heads.

Check with your local retailer about getting this sheet in.

March 2017

Review sheet courtesy of www.dxmdecal.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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