DRAW decals 20s-737-C2: 737-200 Corogard panels




Scott Van Aken

This is another of DRAW Decals' accessory sheets. Most airliners of the 70s-90s had upper wing surfaces that had the center sections treated with a material called Corogard. This is, as the name implies, an anti-corrosion coating. As the wing spars are one of the more important structural parts of the airframe, it was and is important that these areas get excellent anti-corrosion treatment. The Corogard has the benefit of also being a tad rough, making for more secure footing when working in that part of the aircraft.

DRAW Decal offers these decals for a number of airliner kits (though not the 1/144 Airfix 737-200, unfortunately). They are fairly inexpensive and save the builder the time and effort of masking that part of the kit.

Like all Draw Decal sheets, this one is printed with a single carrier film over all the decals, requiring each one to be cut out separately. They are also very thin so care needs to be used when applying them. There are two sets for the Hasegawa 1/200 kit.

July 2021

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