Dutch Profile Decals: Presentation Spitfires.


Dutch Profile Decals: Presentation Sptifires

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Scott Van Aken

This decal sheet goes with the Dutch Profiles book on Dutch Indies Presentation Spitfires, and provides markings for eleven aircraft. There are two main schemes for the Spitfires on this sheet. One is the older Temperate Scheme of Dark Earth/Dark Green over Sky, and the other is the later 'Mixed' Grey/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. The latter scheme has yellow leading edges to the outer wings.

First is 'Bali' a Mk IIa from 616 Squadron at Tangmere in 1941. This has the temperate scheme.

2nd is a Mk IIb from 303 squadron during 1941 named 'Rembang'. Also in the temperate scheme.

Number 3 is in the later scheme and is a Mk Vb 'Wonosobo' from 317 Squadron in 1942.

SZ*R is a Mk Vb from 316 Sq. 'Muntok' is in the later scheme circa 1942.

'Soebong' is a Mk IIb with 222 Sq during 1941.

With 306 Squadron in 1942 is 'Ceram' a later scheme aircraft from 1942.

In the later scheme is a MkVb from 1942 with 313 Sq, 'Moesi Ilir'.

The 307 FS MkVb 'West Borneo II' was flying in 1942 with the USAAF in the later scheme.

From 1941 with 303 Sq in the temperate scheme was 'Krakatau'.

Sent to the Soviets was 'Brastagi', a Mk Vb in the later scheme.

Finally, the lone Seafire Ib of the group was 'Bondowoso. in standard FAA fighter colors.

The sheet is superbly printed and give you the option to do one RAF, one Soviet and one USAAF version with the supplied insignia. Like others in this series, markings are provided in both 1/72 and 1/48 so you can share the costs with a friend if you only build one scale. There are a literal plethora of available kits for these aircraft in both scales.

March 2008

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