Dutch Decals: 32009, Early Dutch biplanes


F.2B, Se.5, Sopwith Pup, Fokker D.VII

Units: Various


15.00 from www.dutchprofile.nl 


Scott Van Aken

This is a great sheet for the 1/32 modeler who like twin wing planes and those from the First World War. Though the Netherlands was neutral during this conflict, it managed to acquire quite a few planes from both sides that wandered into Dutch territory for one reason or another. This particular sheet covers many of those aircraft. The instructions are particularly well done with photos of most of the nine planes covered by this set of sheets. I don't doubt that there are enough insignia to do most of them as well. However those wishing to portray their planes in the red, white and blue insignia will have to get those from a different source. Codes for those planes are provided, but not the insignia, though you could do them in the earlier markings. Those with an orange rudder will need that painted on, matching the orange of the decal sheet.

There are Fokker D.VIIs, an F.2B Brisfit, a Sopwith Pup and an Se.5 in the mix. For kits, these are designed for the current and future Wingnut Wings planes, though I see no reason why these would not work with other 1/32 kits of these planes.

The sheets are superbly printed and are a very short production run so if you want one, you need to make your move soon.

September 2009

Thanks to www.dutchprofile.nl for the review sample. Get yours direct.

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