Dutch Profile Decals: Postwar Spitfires and a Swordfish



Units: Various


Scott Van Aken

Here is a super 1/32 Spitfire sheet with a nice addition. All of these are for clipped wing LF.IX versions and are for post war dutch aircraft. Many of these are with units that served in the Dutch East Indies in the late 1940s so participated in the Indonesian uprising that eventually led to the formation of the country of Indonesia. Though no specific kit is given, most with use the Pacific Coast version with the Swordfish at the end being for the Trumpeter kit.

Starting us of is H*60, which like all the others on this sheet are from 322 Sq. All of the camouflage colors on all the options are gloss. This one is RAF Light Grey and Jungle Green over Light Blue with a Black Spinner and Olive Drab anti-glare panel. From 1948.

The next two are from the 1948/1949 time period and have orange spinners and and upper surface color that is just the Jungle Green. Xtracolor paint references are provided for this shade.

The aircraft coded H*64 is in overall Light Blue with a black anti-glare panel and the spinner in either white or yellow. There are no guns carried on this plane.

From 1947 comes H*13 in standard RAF fighter colors from the Fighter Training School. This scheme includes a Sky fuselage band, red spinner, and yellow wing leading edge ID stripes.

In a similar color scheme is H104 based in the Dutch East Indies in 1948 It has a Sky spinner and was quite weathered.

Finally in overall silver is 3W*16. This one has an 'E' wing with outboard cannon a black anti-glare panel and Blue spinner. This one also has the pointed fin tip.

The lone non-Spit is a Swordfish II from 860 Sq (RNethNavy) aboard MAC ship MV Acavus in 1943. Standard scheme for the time. The sheet provides only the codes, small orange triangle and serial block for this option.

The markings are quite nicely printed and have roundels enough for one of the Spitfires. There are also some data markings included. Several of the markings are done in sections so that registration will not be an issue.

February 2009

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