Dutch Profile Decals: B.339, Hawk 75, P-40N


Dutch Profile Decals: B.339, Hawk 75, P-40N

Units: Various


15.00 from www.dutchprofile.nl 


Scott Van Aken

This is a great sheet for the 1/32 modeler who wants to do something a bit different from the norm. There are three different aircraft portrayed on the sheet and each has at least two different schemes that can be used.

Starting with the B.339, there are two schemes, both in Dark Green/Olive Drab over bare metal. Humbrol and Xtracolor references are provided for this and other options. These  two Buffalos were based in the Dutch East Indies in 1941/42. One has a large unit marking on the fuselage while the other has a yellow and white fuselage band. The Special Hobby kit is recommended.

Next, a pair of Hawk 75s. Again, Special Hobby is recommended. One is camouflaged like the Buffalos and the other is in bare metal, with the large, orange rudder marking.

Finally, a P-40N. There is currently no kit for this in this scale, but it is on Hasegawa's release schedule. Both are from later in the war. One from the Dutch Flying School in Jackson, Mississippi during the war and in standard USAAF camo. It has a large sharkmouth and the 'flag' markings. The second is a post war unpainted version with a photo unit so some small mods will need to be made. It carries the post-war roundels.

The markings are quite nicely printed and allow one Buffalo, one Hawk and both P-40s to be done.

March 2008

Thanks to www.dutchprofile.nl for the review sample. Get yours direct.

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