DKDecals 72053: P-40E Warhawk over Philippines, Java and Australia

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Scott Van Aken

I am one of those who likes P-40s. I also like to build in 1/72 scale as the models don't take up so much space. I'm not a scale snob, but can fit 8 1/72 P-40s on a shelf that will only hold 3 1/48 versions. I also like early war schemes. This particular sheet is just full of them. All fifteen options are in olive drab over neutral grey. This makes them fairly easy to paint, something else that I like.

As you can see from the image, you can probably do seven of the fifteen options with what comes on the sheet. All the red centers to the US insignia are separate. To do seven options, one has to be the Dutch plane while the other six have to have different size red dots to the insignia. Not really as difficult as it sounds as there are so many nice options. I scanned the list from the instructions and here is what you get:


The decals themselves are nicely printed and you get both profiles and upper/lower views to help with placement. Worth the fairly long wait to get these from overseas so you might want to check them out.

July 2020

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