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Delta Decals 72-002 Cuban AF





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Scott Van Aken


A-26C, P-47D, T-6F, Sea Fury

This sheet by Delta Decals has been out for a number of years. I picked this one up in a trade so I'm not sure of US availability or not. The sheet is produced in the UK and printed by Propagteam, so you know three things about it already. It is superthin, quite matte, and will be difficult to work with.

Well, what is on this interesting little sheet? Well, the first subject is for an A-26C Invader (not shown on placement sheet). Like all but the Texan, it is overall natural metal, but instead of FAEC markings, it has FAR marks (as does the T-6). Though not mentioned in the sheet, I think this is one of the CIA aircraft that was flown to Miami trying to represent a defecting Cuban crew. Your only choice for a kit for this plane is the old Airfix kit.

Next is a P-47D with a red and yellow cowling. You have several very good kits for this scheme including the Hasegawa and Academy kits. This one has the dorsal fin extension so you will have to add that feature using plastic card.

A nice yellow T-6F is the next aircraft. For this one, you have a choice of Heller or the newer Academy kit. Don't use the Airfix one as it is a Harvard and not a T-6.

Finally, everyone's favourite aircraft, the Sea Fury. Although overall bare metal seems a bit odd, I can only assume it is correct as I have no reference material for it. This aircraft is kitted in 1/72 by Frog or PM models. The PM kit would be the best bet, though both are very basic kits.

Overall a very interesting sheet and one that looks like it will work quite well.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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