SHEET: Delta Decals 72-013 1/72 Arabic Letters
FOR: All sorts of aircraft
PRICE: 6.50
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

There are times when something comes along that make you wonder why this hasn't been done before. Such is the case of this new sheet from Delta Decals. Many of us like to build aircraft from the Middle East (which not that many years ago was called the Near East, but we can blame the Brits for that as well!). Often times, we see an image of an aircraft and wish to use that as the basis for a model. It provides something a bit different from the norm and as long as we have roundels, we can go for it.

Unfortunately, other than a very old Scalemaster sheet from 20 plus years ago, there hasn't been anything around to provide us with the individual numbers used on these planes. Thanks to the insights of Delta Decals, we now have such a thing at hand. Done in three different sizes, it should cover a goodly number of scales besides 1/72 as I can see uses for these in 1/144 and 1/48 as well. Perhaps even some smaller 1/32 options as well. These are all in black as that is the usual color for these things. I have seen them in white as well and it is possible that we'll see that color used if the response to this sheet warrants it.

My thanks to Delta Decal for the review sheet. If you can not find these locally, check their web site for more information on ordering direct.

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