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Delta Decals 72-005:
WWI Imperial German Air Service





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Scott Van Aken


7 different  schemes

Delta Decals is a company that has released several sheets in 1/72. Though their production rate is rather low, the choice of subjects has always been interesting. This particular sheet is for aircraft of the Imperial German Air Service during WWI. It consists of seven different schemes and includes both insignia and any other markings that were on the plane. Undoubtedly to keep down on costs, these markings are all in black and white. The decals themselves are crisply printed and in perfect registration. The white decals appear to be properly opaque as they'd have to be due to some of the backgrounds.

The sheet comes with a two sided page showing color profiles. Any upper wing marking locations are also shown. In addition, there is a short blurb with references and recommended kits given with each scheme.

First is a Hannover CL.IIIa in mauve with a random dark blue and green pattern.

Next an Albatros D.V in mauve and dark green over light blue.

A natural wood with lozenge wings and green cowling Siemens-Schuckert D.III is next.

The overall black aircraft is a Fokker D.VII. It's only color is a white rudder and markings.

An Albatros D.Va is next in natural wood fuselage  with black tail and white rudder with lozenge wings.

Another Siemens-Schuckert D.III in identical camo from the previous version is scheme 6.

Finally, an Albatros D.III in mauve and dark green over light blue.

For those wondering about paints, there are available acrylics specially mixed for WWI aircraft. The names of the companies who do these escapes me at the moment, but they are available at a well-stocked hobby shop.

Any one of these seven schemes will look good on your next WWI aircraft. Even your rigging-phobia editor is going to give one of them a try!

Review copy courtesy of Delta Decals. Thank you for your support

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