Daco D7211 Alpha Jet AT 11 'Batbird'

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Scott Van Aken

Every once in a while I run across a decal sheet that catches my eye so I buy it, fully intending to use it. Often the sheet sits patiently in the binder for its chance to be useful.

So it is with this one. It is from Daco of Belgium and depicts the special paint scheme applied to one of their 11 Squadron Alpha Jet trainers. This scheme depicts the 70th anniversary of the unit from 1988 and is one that is relatively uncomplicated.

All the blue-grey and light grey areas have to be masked and painted by the builder as well as some of the black sections. The rest is provided on the sheet. The markings are designed for the Airfix or Heller kit. If using the Fujimi version, a separate set of outer wing panels is provided .

A very nice set for an aircraft that is not frequently modeled. Though this is a pretty old sheet, it may still be found from time to time.

July 2007

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