Skylancer CW 72-02 for B-50A




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Scott Van Aken



Skylancer is one of the smaller decal companies as things go in the market, however they are carving a niche for themselves by producing a nice variety of sheets that basically cover the US in the 1950s. The decals themselves are really very well done; sharp and in register. The sheet contains only the unique markings for each aircraft. You'll have to get the rest of the stuff from the kit. Fortunately, the one kit for the B-50A is by Academy and they generally have super decal sheets.

Another nice thing about Skylancer decals is that they are very well researched. You get several pages of information on the little eccentricities of each individual aircraft so that you can build a most accurate representation of the plane in question. You also get templates for those schemes that need one and a list of aftermarket goodies appropriate to the kit at the time the sheet was developed.

First plane in the group is from 20 BS/ 2 BG from Chatham AFB in Georgia. This particular plane is in overall natural metal with nose wheel doors and fuselage band in insignia blue. You'll have to paint those areas.

Next is another Chatham AFB plane of the 96th BS/ 2BG. This one has 'arctic' markings of red tail and wing tips. The waist band and nose doors (which you have to paint) are also in red. The lower areas of each engine nacelle is flat black. This would make a super looking model, but will be very masking intensive!

Finally there is 'Lucky Lady II' from the 63 BS/ 43 BG at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. If I'm not wrong, this was the first plane to fly around the world in the air, thanks to many in-flight refuelings. You get the option of pre flight, post flight and later markings for this plane.

Oh, and those red things surrounding the sheet? Those are 1/72 'remove before flight' tags in case you want to use them on your model.

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