Croco Latvian Insignia

In addition to doing accessories and resin kits, Croco also offers a small line of decal sheets. This particular set consists of two identical sheet, providing a variety of sizes. From the look of the set, the markings would be usable on 1/72 and 1/48 models.

While Latvia did not have a large air force, these pre-ww2 insignia should be welcome to those modelers who like to build the types of kits that were used by smaller air forces such as Latvia. As most of you know, Latvia was over-run by the Soviet Union and only saw a return to sovereignty in 1992. By then using the swastika was not an option and so this insignia remains only used from the 1919-1940 time period.

Thanks to Croco models for the review sample. Croco sets and kits  can be found via a web search or contact them direct at

June 2021

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