SET: Contact-Résine 1/32 Dewoitine D-520
SET #: CRP32001
PRICE: $19.40 from Design & Marketing Int'l
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Dry Transfer markings, also available in 1/72 and 1/48


From Contact-Resine comes this super sheet for the 1/32 Azure Dewoitine D-.520. It is nice to see that decal makers are starting to provide aftermarket sheets for kits like this as all too often one really wants to do something a bit different from what is provided in the kit.

There are five different schemes provided on this sheet and if you are careful on how you match the insignia, you can do at least three of the five aircraft. As you probably know, these markings are done by Hobby Decal and so are dry transfers. This method is a bit different from the standard decal, but offers a superior result as silvering is nearly impossible if applied properly. There is a bit of a downside in that if your decal slips from its backing during shipment (as has this one), the decal will stick to what is underneath it, resulting in a section missing once it is pulled up (see white rectangle on smaller sheet). A way to prevent this is to staple the sheet to the backing (which I have done to mine) and this will keep this problem from happening.

Ok, now on to what comes on these sheets.

#1 is a GC III/9 aircraft from 1944 This has what looks like early Vichy markings with a white surround insignia and fuselage bar. As with all these markings, the rudder tricolor needs to be painted.

#2 is from an undescribed unit with partial later Vichy stripes on the empennage. The lower cowling appears to be unpainted metal on this 1942 aircraft. This one has the red, white, and blue striping on the wings.

#3 is from GC III/3 during the summer of 1940. This one has the Ratier propeller.   

#4 is from GCB 1/18 and must be after the Normandy invasion as it is in RLM 74/75/76 with yellow surround insignia on the fuselage. It has the Chauviere prop.

#5 is from GC II/7 during September 1940 and is also in early Vichy markings.

Were I to improve this sheet, I'd label ALL the markings rather than just a few. I have no idea what the blue stripes are supposed to be for. An upper wing guide for insignia placement and for the Vichy stripes would also be something useful to have.

Regardless, this is a superb sheet and one that I'll definitely have to try out on my next D.520.

Thanks to Design & Marketing Int'l for the review set.

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