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Scott Van Aken



Now here is a sheet I never thought I'd see. This particular gem carries markings for about 13 'buzz bombs. and a stencil suite for the V-2. What's more, all the applicable scales are provided on one sheet so it should fit well into the plans of many modelers.

Let me start with the V-2. There are 'nose art' markings for two black/white test subject; the third and fourth A4 prototypes. In addition there are stencil markings for a Batiked and a splinter test scheme. It would have been helpful to have both sides of these schemes shown, but most of us will be able to wing it. These markings are in 1/35, 1/48, and 1/72. I don't know of any 1/48 V-2 kit, but perhaps it is a vac kit of some sort.

The 'buzz bomb' set has stencils for a standard German V-1. IT also has a wide range of markings for Army JB-2s (which seem to be mostly in Olive Drab) and some very nice yellow and orange USN LTV-N2s. Frankly, I'd not thought about getting any kits to go along with this, but now I'm not so sure and will be scrounging around to see what I can find to go with this great sheet.

I should mention that these later markings are in 1/48 and 1/72 and provide 'undersized' markings for the V-1s that come with the Monogram kit. If using those V-1s one may have to alter the forward engine mount to match the LTV/JB-2 more closely.

August 2005

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