Cutting Edge 72-048: EF-111A Sparkvark


$7.00 when new


429 ECS/27 FW


Scott Van Aken



Here is a sheet that covers three aircraft of the same unit; specifically the 429 ECS/27 FW. This was the last EF-111A unit before the aircraft were retired in the mid-1990s as being uneconomical to maintain. Since then USAF jamming assets have been non-existent and Air Force crews have had to get their sea legs to join in USN EA-6B squadrons.

The aircraft here are painted in FS 36320 and 36492 with the radomes in a color somewhere between them.  For kits there are two that have been produced, neither one of them currently (2004) in catalogues. One is the Monogram EF-111A, which isn't a bad model but is also of the 'old school' of raised panel line detail. The other is the much newer and more detailed Hasegawa offering which most will choose to use.

Towards the end of their service lives, it was common for these aircraft to sport some sort of name or nose art. This is the case with the three aircraft on this sheet.

First is 6016 with a Tasmanian Devil on the nose.

7033 is the Commander's aircraft and has a cat riding a lightning bolt.

Finally, 6033 is 'No Fear, No Gear' with a raven as nose art.

The sheet also includes additional serial numbers so that you can do other aircraft in the unit, though sans nose art.

Decal sheet courtesy of your editor.

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