Cutting Edge 48281: Yoxford Boys part 2




357 FG


Scott Van Aken



Here is the second sheet of Mustangs from the 357 FG and like the previous sheet in the series covers four aircraft. Again, the recommended kits are Tamiya for the P-51D and Accurate Miniatures for the P-51B. Other kits could be used but you may have difficulty with the nose band.

First up is the unpainted metal P-51D, 'Moose'. This 362nd FS aircraft shows 7 kill markings on the fuselage

Next is 'Frenesi' (Free and Easy), from the 364th FS. This aircraft is painted in RAF colors of Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey and has no fin fillet. Invasions stripes under fusealge and wings.

'Shanty Irish' is a P-51B from the 362nd FS and is equipped with a Malcolm Hood. This aircraft is painted OD over Neutral Grey and has invasion stripes on the lower fuselage and wings.

Finally, from the 364th FS comes the P-51B 'Hurry Home Honey'. This OD over Neutral grey P-51B also has the Malcolm Hood and has white bands around the wings.

All three of the camouflaged Mustangs had the white ID stripes around the tail planes and on the upper wing (at least, that is how it appears from the instructions). The Instructions are a gold mine of information as these aircraft have all been as thoroughly researched as they can be. Optional markings are provided where research is inconclusive. This is a trademark of Cutting Edge and allows you to have the most accurate model markings available.

March 2006

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