Cutting Edge 48280: Yoxford Boys part 1




357 FG


Scott Van Aken



Undoubtedly one of the more recognizable units from WWII, the 357 FG has been quite popular with modelers so Cutting Edge has provided some new sheets for this unit. There are four options on this sheet and the recommended kits are the Tamiya P-51D and the Accurate Miniatures P-51B, though there are others that you could use for this sheet as well.

First up is an unpainted metal aircraft from the 363rd FS. 'Mountaineer' has the low viz insignia and a red rudder.

Next is 'Gash-Hound' from the 362nd FS. Like many of the unit's camouflaged P-51Ds, this one is in RAF colors of Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. This one also has the 'greyed out' insignia.

From the 364th FS comes 'Mom Smith's Lil Angel'. This aircraft also has the RAF camouflage colors and no fin fillet.

Finally we have 'Mr Period' from the 364th FS. This P-51B is in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey and has a full set of invasion stripes, though you could easily portray this aircraft without them as the pilot was lost in late June of 1944.

The decal sheet is superbly printed and the instructions are equally as well done. There is a full description of each aircraft as well as any suppositions regarding the markings to help you make the best reproduction you can.

March 2006

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