Cutting Edge 48276: U-2/ER-2 Dragon Lady




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Scott Van Aken



The nice thing about Cutting Edge is that they often provide decals for subjects that the others don't consider. Sometimes this is because the subject is a favorite and so they are more inclined to produce it. It also doesn't hurt that CE has a large line of conversion and aftermarket bits that fit in nicely with the subject. Such is the case here with the U-2/ER-2 as you can do any of the schemes on this sheet either straight from the box or with the assistance of conversion parts. In fact, the listing that is provided with the sheet is rather extensive.

Basically you get markings for two NACA/NASA U-2As, one in black and the other in unpainted metal.

Five sets of markings for the two seat U-2C(t). Three are in various white schemes, one in a combination white/black, and one in an unpainted metal scheme. CE has a conversion set for this one.

The other four markings are for NASA ER-2s. Some are in the original white with light grey lower fuselage while one is in the new scheme of overall white. The cheat line and NASA tail logo is different in some of these and there are detail changes.

Cutting Edge provides a very detailed instruction booklet that has information on any variances in appearance of the aircraft as well as the proper decal placement.  Overall an outstanding sheet for this important aircraft, and one that fans should pick up at the first opportunity as this sheet won't last long.

February 2006

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