Cutting Edge 48-247: He-111 'Pencil Noses' pt 4




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Scott Van Aken



The final early 111 sheet covers the He-111E and He-111F. There is a conversion set for these subtypes as well and it takes the Monogram/ProModeler He-111H kit.

The He-111E is in the four color splinter camouflage of RLM 61/62/63/65 and also has the early war fin band . This aircraft operated with I./KG 1. If you want to model the aircraft a bit later in its life, the red band was later painted over with a darker color that could have been RLM 70 or 71.

The second aircraft is an He-111F (basically an export version of the E) that was sold to Turkey. This aircraft is in a dark green over light blue color the exact shades of which are unknown but could be any of the RLM shades currently in use when the aircraft was sold. You'll notice that the F has a slightly different exhaust shroud from the E.

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