Cutting Edge 48-242: He-111 'Pencil Noses' pt 2




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Scott Van Aken



Part 2 of Cutting Edge's early He-111 sheets contains two different aircraft, both from the Condor Legion during 1937.

First up is an overall L40/52 aircraft with a comet marking on the side of the fuselage. This aircraft is also unusual in that it has a shrouded exhaust instead of the normal straight pipes.

The other option is in the four color splinter camo of RLM 61/62/63/65. This has a very large fin artwork and is named Pedro 4, as were many of the early 111s that arrived in country. It also has the name 'Castelo Branco' written on the aft fuselage.

Two very nice schemes that will look great on your 111B conversion.

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