Cutting Edge 48-240: F-15E Strike Eagle






Scott Van Aken


4th but First #2

It seems like new subjects tend to be released in pairs and this is the second sheet for F-15E Strike Eagles from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Like the previous sheet, all aircraft are from the 336 FS/4 FW and the Hasegawa F-15E is the recommended kit.

First is 'Shangri-La II', named as a tribute to the leading ace of the 336th, Don Gentile. The original artwork has been somewhat modified by having the eagle ready to punch a caricature of Saddam Hussein.

'Captain America' is an original artwork put on by the painters.

Next is 'Sneaky Carrot' done because the crew chief wanted a Bugs Bunny on his plane. It seemed appropriate to the artists to make the carrot a GBU-12.

Finally there is 'Darkness Falls' another original artwork showing the grim reaper.

These markings are available in 1/32 on sheet 32044 but without the last aircraft. For the 1/32 version, the ultra-expensive Tamiya F-15E is the recommended kit, though the markings will probably fit the Revell kit for those of us who are a bit more frugal!

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