Cutting Edge 48-239: F-15E Strike Eagle






Scott Van Aken


4th but First #1

The Strike Eagle is a very popular modeling subject nowadays, especially with all the conflicts that the US has been involved in. To my knowledge, this is the first sheet covering subjects from the recent invasion of Iraq. All of the aircraft on the sheet are from the 336 FS/4 FW and painted in overall gunship grey (FS36118). As is so typical of US warplanes, these aircraft carry some rather interesting (but generally politically correct) artwork.

First is 'Dragon Betty II' named in honor of the B-24 flown by the crew chief's grandfather during WWII.

Next is 'Mad Duck IV', named after a series of F4U Corsairs flown by the artist's grandfather in the Pacific.

'Memphis Belle' was named because this aircraft shares the last 3 digits of the serial number with that famous B-17F. Originally named 'Memphis Belle III', the number was changed to 'IX' once the crew was informed of the many other aircraft similarly named. Both nose art decals are provided.

'Rocket Express' is an original as the painters got a jet with no artwork and no one cared what was put on it.

There are a number of nice F-15E kits in 1/48, but most will go for the Revell version as being the most accurate and up-to-date. The Hasegawa and Academy ones are really nothing more than warmed over F-15Cs and do not have all the proper attributes of a real Strike Eagle. The sheet recommends the Hasegawa version.

This sheet is also available in 1/32 on sheet 32043, but without the 'Rocket Express' markings.

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