Cutting Edge 48-238: He-111 'Pencil Noses' pt 1




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Scott Van Aken



Those of you who have bought Cutting Edge's He-111B conversion set for the Monogram/ProModeler He-111 are probably wondering where to find decals. Well, CE has provided four different sheets for its conversion set. This one covers four aircraft that participated in the Spanish Civil War. Two of these are in the early splinter camo of RLM 61/62/63 over RLM 65. Two are in the solid grey color of either L40/52 (a Lufthansa light grey) or  RLM 63.

First up is a B-2 variant with a nice artwork on the fin as was often the case with Condor Legion 111s.

Next up, in overall RLM 63 is Pedro 9. It also carries artwork on the tail.

Pedro 1 has no artwork on the fin, but like Pedro 9, carries some inside the fuselage insignia. BTW, only the first 15 or 16 111s had a 'Pedro' name given to it.

Finally, in splinter camo is one of the 111s turned over to the Spanish and operated by Gruppo 25

There are enough insignia to do one aircraft. Any of these schemes will look great on your 111B conversion.

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