Cutting Edge 48-220: He-162A-2




JG 1 and captured


Scott Van Aken




Conceived as an inexpensive fighter that could easily be flown by an inexperienced pilot, the He-162 went from design study to squadron service in about 6 months, an incredibly short amount of time. Despite quality problems that caused a number of crashes, the aircraft could have performed well if there were time for it to see action. Though several Staffel of JG 1 had converted to the type, it never saw any success in combat during the very few times it was able to even spot enemy aircraft. The unit ended up surrendering its aircraft to the British without really proving its worth.

All of these planes are painted in a variety of colors on the upper side including RLM 70, 71, 81, or 82 on the upper side with RLM 76 undersides. These aircraft were produced in subassemblies with these assemblies coming together only where the total airframe was constructed. As a result, you could have sections of wings and tails in different colors. For kits there is but one in 1/48 and that is a very nice one from Dragon that goes in and out of availability, but generally, you can find one if you look.

There are six aircraft on the sheet. Two are captured planes with British roundels on them. There is White 1 from 1./JG 1, Red 1 from 2./JG 1, and White 5 and Yellow 6 from 3./JG 1. Each of these planes has a red arrow of some size on the nose and most of the German ones sport a unit badge.

Thanks to the small size of the plane and general lack of data markings, the builder can do all six subjects on the sheet should that be the desire.

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