Cutting Edge 48-209: P-40E/N Warhawk




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Scott Van Aken



Here is a very nice Warhawk sheet with two very colorful planes. The recommended kits are the Mauve/Eduard P-40N, AMT P-40N and AMtech P-40E. I'm sure the Otaki/Arii and Revell P-40Es could be used in a pinch. The sheet contains no data markings, but does have insignia for all three aircraft. All are in the standard USAAF OD over Neutral Grey scheme.

First up is the very colorful tigerhead P-40E of the 11 FS/343 FG based in Alaska. A small mod in the form of a fairing just in front of the lead exhaust will have to be done to accurately portray this unit's planes. The instructions show what is needed.

Next up is the equally gaudy parrot's head marking that comes with the Mauve boxing. However, that kit's decal is horrible and this is a much better replacement.

Finally a sort of bonus in terms of a captured P-40E. It is basically just insignia and a small number 2 aft of the fuselage insignia. The spinner may have been yellow and I'd paint it that color just to add some interest to the model.

All in all a very nice sheet with some interesting and colorful schemes.

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