Cutting Edge 48-208: Mustang Mania 3




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Scott Van Aken


For Tamiya kit


This sheet covers four rather colorful Mustangs from late in WWII. Though designed for the Tamiya kit, I'm sure that these markings would fit those from Hasegawa, Monogram, etc with only minimal alterations. All are basically natural metal with Olive Drab anti-glare panels.

First up is 'Ole Goat' from the 368 FS/359 FG. It has a yellow rudder and OD spinner and lower cowling. This aircraft has no holes in the lower engine breather panel.

From the 38th FS/55th FG comes 'My Ready Steady' with not one, but two nose art girls on it. This one has D-Day stripes on the lower surfaces and a red rudder. It uses the 'greyed out' insignia and shows some Olive Drab on the uppper surface of the fin. The nose checks are supposed to be out of alignment according to photos.

From the 369 FS/359 FG is 'Hubert'. Like the first plane it has OD on the lower engine cowl and spinner. The rudder and canopy frame is in red. Also like the first plane, it has ID stripes on the wing and horizontal stabilizer.

Finally is 'Katydid' from teh 338 FS/55 FG. It has a green rudder with the color also carried on the radio mast. This plane has crooked spinner stripes

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