Cutting Edge 48-172: Warhawk pt 4




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Scott Van Aken


This sheet has various Warhawks from the CBI. Kits are readily available for them. The P-40E is done by AMtech, Revell and Arii/Otaki. The P-40N is available from AMT and Mauve, which also does a P-40M.

First up is a P-40M from the 25 FS/51 FG in China during 1944. It is in the standard OD over Neutral Grey with Medium Green splotches on the wings and tail.

Ed Rector's P-40E from the 76 FS/23 FG is an ex-AVG plane painted in US equivalents of RAF colors.

The first P-40N is 'Klawin Kitten' of the 16 FS/51 FG in China during 1944.

Finally, another P-40N from the 7 FS/3 FG of the Chinese Air Force during 1945.

You have sharkmouths galore with this sheet!

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