Cutting Edge 48-126: Thunderbolt Nose Art pt 1




15 and 352 FG


Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice sheet for razorback Thunderbolts. This 2001 sheet recommends the Hasegawa kit, but the markings should also fit the Tamiya, Monogram and other 1/48 P-47D kits.

The first aircraft is from the 47 FS/15 FG as flown by Capt. John Piper. It is in overall bare metal with an OD anti-glare panel. Though you will have to paint the black markings (save the fin), Cutting Edge provides the yellow surrounds to the bands on the nose, upper fuselage and wings.

The next three are all from the 352nd FG and are early P-47D-5 versions. All are in OD over Neutral Grey with white fin and horizontal stabilizer bands. Among the three are 'The Syracusan' and 'Gena this is it'.

Some nice schemes for your next P-47 kit.

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