Cutting Edge 48-113: P-51D Mustang




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Scott Van Aken



This sheet covers four natural metal Mustangs, all with Olive Drab anti-glare panels, and all relatively famous aircraft.

First up is 'Ridge Runner' of Maj. Pierce McKennon of the 335th FS/ 4 FG. It is in the late war markings with red on the nose and canopy frame and a red outlined white rudder. Note the rear view mirror.

Next is Charles Weaver's rather natty looking nose art on his 362 FS/357 FG aircraft. There is no other color other than the red/yellow markings on the nose.

Glenn Eagleston's FT*L from the 353 FS/354 FG is the next aircraft. It is also rather plain other than the yellow nose and nose art.

Finally, William Shomo's 'Flying Undertaker' from the 82nd TRS in the Pacific. This one has a lot of band work needed and the sheet provides the outline stripes.

Overall, four interesting sets of markings for your next Mustang.

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