Cutting Edge 44001 Space Shuttle




All of them!


Scott Van Aken


For all Orbiter Variants


To go along with the various other goodies that Cutting Edge has developed for the Space Shuttle, this decal sheet covers all of the Orbiters, including the Enterprise. There are both the old 'wurm' and the current retrograde NASA emblems as well as some decals for the solid fuel boosters.

Since all the Orbiters are a bit different from each other and markings have changed over time, each is taken care of in the sheet. The instructions show the differences between them when it comes to decal use and placement.

I would highly recommend a good reference on the Shuttle to go along with this sheet, for as good as the instructions may be, they cannot cover every idiosyncrasy.

If you are contemplating building the Minicraft 1/144 Shuttle kit (for which the sheet was designed), then you should seriously consider this set. They should also work on the Revell kit, though some fudging may be required. It is also available in 1/72 scale for the large Monogram Orbiter. 

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