Cutting Edge 32085: Magnificent Mustangs pt 3




357 FG


Scott Van Aken



This latest sheet from Cutting Edge is for two of the more famous P-51Ds around. The recommended kits are Hasegawa and Dragon with different nose stripes for each as their contours are not the same. Both of these aircraft have been repainted with Dark Green on the upper surfaces that is probably RAF Dark Green. Undersides are somewhat in question with some saying they were Neutral Grey and others insisting they were left unpainted.

Old Crow is, of course, Bud Anderson's aircraft This plane has the remnants of Invasion Stripes on the lower fuselage with the standard white wing band ID stripe. Note that this plane does have the dorsal fillet; it has been shown on other sheets without it. They are wrong.

The other is Frenesi, the aircraft of Tom Haynes. This plane has full Invasion Stripes on the underside of the plane and this one is without the fillet on the fin. This aircraft has Medium Sea Grey undersides.

In both cases, the various stripes and the spinners will need to be painted by the builder. Note that the data block on Frenesi is on unpainted metal. The sheet provides full data markings and insignia for one aircraft. The instructions are superb, something we've come to expect from Cutting Edge. A full data placement guide is given, though to be honest, on these repainted planes, I doubt if most of them survived the repaint.

April 2007

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