Cutting Edge 32081: Big Stud Ponies Pt 2




20 and 479 FG


Scott Van Aken



Second of the large scale sheets for the P-51D Mustang. There are three recommended kits; Dragon, Hasegawa and Monogram. Though there are subtle shape differences in the three, these markings are not kit specific. Both options are unpainted metal with olive drab anti-glare panels. They are also early P-51Ds without the fin fillet. The modification is easy to do with a sharp knife, some plastic card and filler.

The first is Robin Olds' 'Scat VII' from the 434 FS/479 FG Basically a red rudder and polished aluminum spinner. No bands on wings or tail section.

Next is Jack M. Ilfrey's 'Happy Jack's Go Buggy' from the 79 FS/20 FG. This one has a black and white nose/spinner with Olive Drab on the upper surfaces of the aircraft and fin tip. I'm not sure if the upper fuselage OD was resprayed on an aluminum surface or left in place when the rest of the paint was removed with rags. One would give a hard demarcation line and the other wouldn't.

There are insignia for one aircraft and the  instructions are very nicely done. They include a full set of camouflage drawings and background information on each aircraft.

September 2006

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