Cutting Edge 32-079: Hot SLUFs part 2




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Scott Van Aken



Here are some options for South East Asia schemes. The standard scheme is FS 30219/34079/34102 over 36622. The wraparound version eliminates the underside 36622. This sheet contains enough insignia to do one of the first two and the ANG aircraft. Aside from a few basic data bits, all other markings will have to come from the kit.

The initial aircraft is From the 3rd TFW/388 TFW, based at Korat, Thailand in the early 1970s.

The next one is from the 354 TFW also based at Korat, but prior to the 388 TFW taking over. These aircraft did participate in the Vietnam war during 1972.

The final option is from the 120 TFS, Colorado ANG during the Gunsmoke competition during 1981. Hence the 'World Champions' logo.  It is in the semi low-viz wraparound scheme.

The instructions are very nicely done and include a full set of camouflage drawings.

July 2006

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