Cutting Edge 32-078: Hot SLUFs part 1




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Scott Van Aken




Now for some nice ANG A-7Ds for you big Trumpeter kit, and for those with that older vacuformed version as well. This sheet covers three planes from two units and actually contains enough markings to do all three should you wish.

First up is from the 162 TFS, Ohio ANG. It is named 'Scrappy'' and painted in the last scheme that the USAF's A-7s carried; a wraparound of FS 25118 and 26270.

The other Ohio ANG plane is named 'Little Sweetie 4' and is in the same scheme. Please note that the 'Ohio' in the fin band is not the same with one being a semi stenciled version. This one has nice intake checks; something a bit different from the norm.

The third option is an experimental scheme applied to a 162 TFG, Arizona ANG aircraft. Though a full pattern is given, there is no color information so you'll probably have to do some careful matching.

June 2006

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