Cutting Edge 32075: A-7E Corsair II






Scott Van Aken




The new Trumpeter 1/32 A-7E Corsair II is bringing back an interest in this aircraft and a raft of new decal sheets. This particular one is a rather popular version for a specially painted CAG bird from VA-72 during Desert Storm. CE postulates that the plane flew its first missions in the standard tactical paint scheme, but was painted in these two browns late in the cruise. The colors are not specific and were mixed aboard ship with stocks on hand so do not match an exact FS 595 standard. Close approximations are provided in the kit instructions, but I wouldn't worry about the Color Police knocking on your door for this one!

Full markings are provided as well as complete views of the scheme. The ship's name was added after the war was over and is provided in case you wish to use it.  Overall, a most interesting scheme and one that is sure to be popular for the big Corsair II.

February 2006

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