Cutting Edge 32-067: Fokker Dr.I pt 2




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Scott Van Aken



This second set for the big Roden Dr.I has three aircraft on it. All are basically that nice streaky camo that some can do so well and I can't. The sheet includes all the markings needed to do all three options.

First up is the aircraft of Rudolf Klimke with Jasta 27. This aircraft has lots of yellow trim on the rear fuselage, wheels, struts and cowling. The pilot's personal marking, an anchor is on the fuselage side in yellow and in black on the upper fuselage/tailplanes.

Next is a more sedate aircraft of Adolf von Tutschek of JG 2. This 27 victory ace's plane has a while cowling and black rear section.

Finally Lothar von Richthofen's Jasta 11 aircraft with a red cowling, struts, and wheels. Yellow covers most of the aft fuselage and most of the upper wing, making for a very colorful plane.

As with the other sheet, this one has an extensive pilot information sheet as well as some color data as well.

July 2006

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