Cutting Edge 32-066: The Baron's Tripes




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Scott Van Aken



Now here is a really neat idea. All of the various Fokker Dr.I triplanes flown my Manfred von Richthofen. This sheet is designed for use on the new Roden 1/32 Fokker Dr.I, which is a real sweetie of a kit. Since the baron also flew a prototype Fokker F.1, you'll need the Cutting Edge conversion set to do that one aircraft.

Before you go postal on me, let me mention that this sheet is all black and white so I thought I'd save a bit of storage space by doing the decal image in greyscale. Pretend there is a light blue background.

The real gem of this set is the instruction booklet. Yes, booklet as not only are there color decal placement guides for all 9 aircraft, but there is also extensive additional information on each aircraft. Most of us know that aces often get their kills in a variety of aircraft as they are not always able to use 'their' aircraft for a mission. It is also known that these guys do get shot down themselves or crash their mounts.

This being the case, to find that a busy ace has used a half dozen or more aircraft to achieve his kills is not at all unusual. I can image that Eric Hartmann used dozens of different aircraft to get his 350 plus kills in WWII. It is just that there has been enough research done on the 'Red Baron' to come up with the aircraft shown on this sheet.

An outstanding set and I'm sure they will disappear fast.

June 2006

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