Cutting Edge 32-065: He-162 Volksjager


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Scott Van Aken



With the advent of the new Revell of Germany He-162A, it was inevitable that there would be aftermarket sheets for it and this is the first I've seen. It basically takes several schemes from Cutting Edge's 1/48 sheet. The sheet offers enough insignia to do one German and two British He-162s.

All of these planes are painted in a variety of colors on the upper side including RLM 70, 71, 81, or 82 on the upper side with RLM 76 undersides. These aircraft were produced in subassemblies with these assemblies coming together only where the total airframe was constructed. As a result, you could have sections of wings and tails in different colors.

Since JG 1 was the only unit to operate this aircraft, all planes on this sheet came from that Geschwader.

There are five aircraft on the sheet. Two are captured planes with British roundels on them. There is White 1 from 1./JG 1,  and White 5 and Yellow 6 from 3./JG 1. Each of these planes has a red arrow of some size on the nose and most of the German ones sport a unit badge. A yellow nose arrow is also included as is a unit badge with a yellow background. There is some thought that this shade might have been used for White 1.

A fine sheet for the new 1/32 Revell kit.

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