Cutting Edge 32-054: P-40B/C pt 4


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Flying Tigers


Scott Van Aken


This is the fourth sheet in the current series. There are two Flying Tigers planes on this one. First off is #77 flown by R.T. Smith. When you see all those color photos of these planes, it is R.T. Smith who is probably responsible for them. His plane is from the 3rd PS.  The smaller forward cowling numbers that were on all these planes early in their career, should you wish to model one from that time period. I believe this may have preceded the sharkmouth. 

Also from the 3rd PS is #94 of Tommy Haywood. Yes, I know that he has another plane in this batch, but it was not uncommon for pilots to be transferred and thus have different aircraft. You'll notice that the squadron badge is different on these two planes. Flying Tigers aircraft were not as uniform as many have thought. This sheet is also missing the red fuselage bands so you will have to paint them on or find another source.

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