Cutting Edge 32-053: P-40B/C pt 3




Flying Tigers


Scott Van Aken


Here is the third sheet in the series and it is all Flying Tigers. The unnumbered plane is a bit unusual in that it was converted to a photo recce aircraft and the guns removed. Cameras were installed in the aft fuselage and it retained its previous stripe from the 1st PS when it went to the 2nd PS. This gave it two fuselage stripes. This plane was flown by Erik Shilling. White 34 was flown by John Newkirk with the 2nd PS. It is unknown if the panda marking was on the plane, but it is provided should you decide to use it. Again, faded and non-faded insignia are provided. I should mention that this blue faded quickly so the unfaded upper wing roundels would only be appropriate for a plane relatively fresh out of the paint shop.

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