Cutting Edge 32-052: P-40B/C pt 2




Flying Tigers/35 PS


Scott Van Aken


Here is the second sheet and this one includes an regular USAAC P-40. The Flying Tiger plane was flown by Tommy Haywood of the 3rd PS and has a new 'flying tiger' on a patch of fresh paint, while the old one is partially painted out. I should mention that both of these markings were decals and not painted on the plane, so it was not unusual for them to peel after a time. The dark area around the original marking is a clear varnish that was applied in an attempt to keep this peeling from happening.  Flying Tiger P-40s were painted in US equivalents of RAF colors and so the match is not exact to the RAF scheme. You'll notice that the USAAC P-40 has longer barrels on the nose mounted machine guns.

Again, the lighter Chinese roundels are for the upper wing and the darker for the underside. One thing missing from this sheet is the red fuselage stripe so you'll either have to raid a stripes sheet or paint it on.

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