Cutting Edge 32-051: P-40B/C Pt 1




Flying Tigers


Scott Van Aken


For those who have been awaiting a nice sheet for their new Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B/C, then the wait is over. Cutting Edge have released four new sheets for this kit and all of them have one or more schemes for the Flying Tigers. I expect these sheets to sell quite well so get yours soon if you want one as rarely are these things reissued.

Cutting Edge has a new way of portraying the camo schemes and that is through the use of 3D views from high on the front and rear quarter of the aircraft. This gives a full view of where the various colors go and is much superior to the usual three-views that one gets for this kind of thing. If there is a downside, it is that it's a bit on the generic side, assuming that all planes are painted the same. Check references just to be sure of any differences.

On this sheet are two of the Flying Tigers. The 3D shot is Tex Hill's  plane from the 2nd PS, while the other plane, white 5 is from Charles Bond of the 1st PS. Cutting edge provides two sets of Chinese roundels with each sheet. One set is fresh paint while the other is faded; same with the fuselage bands. 1 PS badges are provided as handed and not as the other side's orientation is unknown.

Overall a great sheet and I expect to see many of these at contests this year!

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